What we are looking for?

For admission into our program, we are looking for individuals who are motivated and eager to pursue a career in IT/QA automation. Here are the key qualities we seek:

Passion for IT/QA Automation: We want candidates who have a genuine interest in software testing and automation or in IT industries. Demonstrating enthusiasm and curiosity about IT/QA processes and tools is highly valued.

Strong Learning Attitude: We welcome applicants who are open to learning new concepts and techniques. A willingness to acquire and apply knowledge is essential for success in our program.

Attention to Detail: Being meticulous and thorough is crucial in QA automation. We value individuals who pay attention to the smallest details, ensuring high-quality software testing.

Problem-solving Skills: Having a knack for problem-solving is important in IT/QA automation. We seek individuals who can think critically, identify issues, and propose effective solutions.

Regardless of your prior experience or educational background, if you possess these qualities and are ready to embark on a journey in IT/QA automation, we welcome your application.